Little One


The best place to play with kids until 4-year-old

The Little one´s playground is a modern place full of activities to relax and spend free time with kids to 4 years old.

It is a nice place with comfortable rocking and hanging chairs full of great toys.

Click Clack club

For maternity mothers, there is every week event in Click Clack club. Every Wednesday and Thursday morning there is a meeting with other mothers to exercise, create and play with kids. Click Clack club´s activities are in the art room, Showroom or in Little One section.

Little One price list

Bruno Family Park

Click Clack Club – meeting moms with kids from 2 to 3 year old

Are you a maternity mother? Do you want to fulfill your free time?
Do you like quality and full entertainment for your little kid? Would you like to meet other moms? Do not hesitate and apply to be part of Click Clack Club.

After club meeting, it is possible to stay at Little One section and have a delicious lunch in Brasserie Zobka.

More information and application by phone: 515 535 570

Do you want an online application?

Apply now

The second semester starts Thursday 1 February 2018!

Thursday: 10.00 – 11.00 (kids from 2 to 3 year old)

Price: 1950 CZK (16 lessons)

Start: Thursday 1 February 2018


*games, songs, rhinoceros

*exercises, physical activities

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