Price list

Winter season (interior area)
Monday - Friday (workday)Weekends, national holidays, holidays
One entrance
After 17:00One entrance
After 17:00
Baby 0-3,99 y.o.119 CZK109 CZK149 CZK139 CZK
Kids 4-17,99 y.o.219 CZK169 CZK269 CZK209 CZK
Accompaniment (over 18 y.o.)109 CZK79 CZK139 CZK109 CZK
Family entrance (2+2)599 CZK-699 CZK-
Kids up to 1-year-old have the free entrance with paying older sibling.For free
79 CZK
Children with disability 0- 18 y.o. (ZTP card)100 CZK

Summer season (interior and exterior area)
Monday - Friday (workday)Weekends, national holidays, holidays
One entrance
After 17:00One entrance
After 17:00
Baby 0-3,99 y.o.149 CZK119 CZK219 CZK139 CZK
Kids 4-17,99 y.o.289 CZK239 CZK369 CZK279 CZK
Accompaniment (over 18 y.o.)109 CZK79 CZK139 CZK109 CZK
Family entrance (2+2)699 CZK-849 CZK-

Groups of 15 kids and moreMonday - Friday (workday)Weekends, national holidays, holidays
Till 17:00After 17:00Till 17:00After 17:00
One entrance 
170 CZK170 CZK240 CZK240 CZK
Accompaniment (one per 15 children)For free

Autodrome (5 min)20 CZK
Boats (5 min)20 CZK

The summer season starts with favorable weather (April / May until September).
Weekend prices include public holidays and holidays (spring, summer, fall, Xmas, Easter etc.)
We accept credit and debit cards
Kid = person in age from 0 to 17,99  y.o.
Kids and youth have to be accompanied by an adult (over 18 y.o.)
Babies up to 1-year-old have free entrance if the older sibling pays.
Discounts from marketing activities and other discounts are not to add together.
We accept tickets: Sodexo (Bonus Pass, Dárkový Pass, Flexi Pass, Fokus Pass, Relax Pass), Chéque Déjeuner (Unišek, Unišek+, Cadhoc), Edenred (Ticket Restaurant, Ticket Benefits).
Czech crowns cash payment only, we do not return cash from tickets payment
Kids are not allowed to stay in the center alone, without the parent (adult person)
Price change reserved
To entrance inside area is allowed in socks or slippers only.
To entrance outside area is allowed in outdoor shoes only.
The outside area is closed in case of bad weather.
The outside area is closed from 1 October 2018, reopening in spring 2019.

Online tickets

Under the Income Tax Act, the seller is required to issue an account to the buyer.
At the same time, he is required to post the received revenue to the tax administrator online; in the event of a technical failure within 48 hours at the latest.

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