The superstitious flight

A unique birthday party for children that you can't find anywhere else.

Recommended for children aged 8 years and over.

An exceptional game-room style programme full of action, secret boxes, code, puzzles and riddles on a variety of themes. Anyone can try but they need to be able to think, code, read and write. Put together a winning team of boys and girls (maximum 12 children).

  • Entrance to BRuNO Family Park for 5 children + lounge of your choice for 4 hours
  • Balloon decoration of lounge, place setting, name tag of birthday boy, candles
  • Congratulations for birthday boy from stork Bruno
  • Popcorn, salty sticks and homemade lemonade (0.5 liters/child)
  • BRuNO cake, 1x pizza a 1x children's champagne
  • 2 hours of animation program + 30 minutes disco
  • Unlimited tickets for cars/boats during the B-day celebration day for every child
  • Photographing of all Birthday celebration and gift for birthday child
  • A small keepsake for every child

Save BRuNO

BRuNO is in danger and only the bravest can save the day! Adrenaline, logical thinking, solving puzzles, secret boxes but also lots of exercise. This is our Supercharged Save BRuNO Squadron. Can the birthday girl/boy and their gang find and crack all the codes within the time limit? Can they save the whole centre?

Price list
For 5 childrenExtra kid
Mon – Thu5 450 CZK600 CZK
Fri – Sun (national holidays) 5 950 CZK650 CZK
Number of children = number of adults. Another adult is 70 CZK/person.

Order the celebration

Please note that you will be charged 54 CZK for each reported, but NOT coming child (due to prepared refreshment for a pre-reported number of kids). The number of children can be specified at least 1 working day in advance until 4 pm.

Birthday celebrations can be ordered at least 3 working days before the event until 4 pm.

You can order celebreation or ask questions:

In case of acute changes to a birthday party already ordered, please contact the reception at the weekend (+420 733 439 192).

Personal meetings are possible only by prior arrangement.

Do you want to book program or ask something?

Birthday gastro offer

If you order refreshments over 300 CZK, we will extend the rental of the lounge by one extra hour for free.

Invitation to the Children’s Party

Download and print your children’s birthday party invitations!
You can pick from a selection of ready-made colour options. Just print the invitations, fill them out and hand them out to your friends.

No more hesitation about how to prepare and celebrate your child’s birthday. We will take care of all the important stuff for your little one and their friends to enjoy an unforgettable birthday party.

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Do the adults pay entrance?

To the birthday celebration, it is possible to invite as many adults as the children are (1 child = 1 adult). Over this number, it is possible to pay 70CZK per extra adult.

Is it necessary to say the exact number of children before the celebration?

As a request, the number of children is as a rough guess. The correct number is necessary to say one week before the celebration. In the case of illness, there is a possibility to change the number of children between 1 to 3 kids, on the celebration day in our reception.

When it is possible to make/ change the catering order?

Catering is possible to order minimally 5 - 7 working days before the celebration. Less than three days the order or change may not be accepted.

Is it possible to order catering during the celebration?

Little snacks and drinks are possible to order during the celebration. In case of a bigger order depends on kitchen orders occupancy. Mainly during the weekends, it takes a longer time to prepare food. So we recommend ordering your food longer time before your celebration.

Can we bring our own food and drinks?

We would like to apologize, but it is not possible to bring your own catering. Only the birthday cake is allowed.

Should we pay any deposit?

No, it is not necessary to pay any deposit. You will pay all your expands after the celebration at our reception.

How the celebrating works?

Every single birthday party is kind of unique. But the main concept is the same. At the ordered time, our experienced staff wait for you at our reception and bring you to your party room. When are you ready, our stork Bruno and staff come with birthday wishes and cake with candles. Then you have time to eat cake. After that its time for the program according to your ordered package. (First flight - free fun in the center, The best flight - 1.5-hour programme, Superstitious flight - 2.5- hours programme)

Does your experienced staff take care of children all the time?

It depends on the birthday package. Our staff is ready to help all the celebration time, but they play with the kids according to the birthday package order (The best flight – 1 hour programme in the center + 30 minutes disco, Superstitious flight - 2 - hours programme in the center+ 30 minutes disco)

Is it necessary to leave the family park after the celebration?

After the celebration, please leave our party room. But stay with us somewhere else, you can have fun in our center to the end of the opening hour.

Why do we pay 54 CZK for a reported child to celebrate when it does not come?

The reason is prepared refreshments for a given number of birthday parties. Of course everything is ready for your consumption.

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