B-day parties

Celebrate the birthday in BRuNO Family Park

Make the best celebration for your kid! It is easy – choose birthday room and birthday package. Everything else let to us (cake, presents, games with our experienced stuff, taking photos and maybe fireworks).

Invitation card

What is the celebration without beautiful invitation? Choose girl´s or boy´s version or “in English”, then print, fill and give your friends.
Birthday Invitation

Birthday party in BRuNO Family Park

Birthday rooms

What room does your child love the most?

  • Cirque (maximally 14 people)
  • Forest (maximally 15 people)
  • Formula (maximally 16 people)
  • Princess (maximally 8 people)
  • Universe (maximally 14 people)
  • Safari (maximally 25 people)
  • Party room (minimally 20 people, maximally 50 people)

Rooms are situated on the first floor in Family Park next to The Little One section.

The First Flight - celebration quality base

  • entrance to BRuNO Family Park for 5 children
  • balloon decoration, placemats, and birthday name badge
  • b-day room for 2 hours
  • 1 ticket for cars/boats for every child

  • Visitation of Stork BRuNO and congratulation (10 minutes)
  • homemade lemonade (0.5 liters/child), 1 free coffee
  • popcorn, salty sticks

Number of children = number of adults. Another adult is 50 CZK/person.

For 5 childrenExtra kid
Mon – Thu1 990 CZK300 CZK
Fri – Sun (national holidays)2 490 CZK350 CZK

Do you want to book program or ask something?

THE GREAT FLIGHT - celebration with disco and presents

  • All as “First flight” and moreover:
  • 2 tickets for cars/boats for every child

  • Disco/program with experienced stuff in our "SHOW room" (30 minutes) 
  • Plastic bracelet as a present for every child

Number of children = number of adults. Another adult is 50 CZK/person.

For 5 childrenExtra kid
Mon – Thu2 390 CZK350 CZK
Fri – Sun (national holidays)
2 790 CZK400 CZK

Do you want to book program or ask something?

THE BEST FLIGHT- action and fun celebration with an animator

  • All as “First flight” and moreover:
  • birthday cap for birthday child
  • 1 hour of thematic program with our experienced stuff
  • ​30 minutes disco as a top of the program
  • 2 tickets for cars/boats for every child

  • BRuNO Marlenka cake included
  • photographing of all B-day celebration
  • Present for birthday child (T-shirt)
  • B-day room for 90 extra minutes – in total 3 hours

Number of children = number of adults. Another adult is 50 CZK/person. 

Kinds of The Best Flight

SUPERHEROES (NEW since 1 March 2019)

Does your kid love Avengers and Marvel? Do they wish to be a part of superheroes´ world? So, we have a birthday package right for them!

Iron man, Cat woman even not  Superman can't defeat the evil, kids have to help them! Could they help their favorites heroes and enable them to save the world? It is a work for the bravest one, maybe it's waiting for your kid.

The package is great for superheroes lovers, but also for agile and competitive ones. Doesn´t matter the age, or if you are a girl or a boy!

BRUNO´S MAGIC ACADEMY (NEW since 1 March 2019)

Bruno´s magic academy invites every brave magician for the training programme. To be a real magician it is necessary to be courageous, nimble, speed, and handy. Who shows them these abilities could learn real magic and receive Bruno´s magic academy certification.  The b-day kid could show the magic to the adults.

Academy is not suitable for everybody. But with the older educated magicians - our experienced staff, everybody can go through. Mainly the girls and boys over 8 y.o.

WITCH´S BEST FLIGHT (NEW since 1 March 2019)

An ugly and forgetful witch would like to please all little handy kids to help her. Could the little ones find the parts of the recipe, that the witch lost in our center, and give them back to her? Do it and watch what happen! Tension, potions, movement and especially the joy - that´s the witch´s best flight!

The package full of mystery is for everybody but mainly for the youngest one, that would like to see all Bruno family park.


An adventurer by body and soul. That's what we look for! The way for the treasure is not easy, but if you have great friends, you can do it! So, your kid can be a part of the real pirate treasure hunt in all center, mainly in the main attraction.

To boys to girls, we can adapt the treasure hunt for everybody in every age.


Action, movement, and adrenaline. To catch mafioso is not easy! Does your kid love movement and adrenalin? Is it easy to overcome the barrier and face the challenge to them? So the stork Bruno would like to please every one of these brave kids for help. Mafioso is in the centre and the stork Bruno doesn't know what to do with him. Could your little hero help stork Bruno and find all parts of mafioso picture? Could they catch him?

The programme is a little bit more challenging and it is prepared for everybody, mainly for the boys and girls from 8 to 14 y.o. 


Explore, crawl, jump through the center! That's the base of this Bruno´s birthday package. Could the group of kids led by b-day friend find all indices, get all puzzles and make Bruno´s picture? Or is in all big center hidden only one little piece of Bruno puzzle that is the key to winning? 

For girls for boys in every age, altogether also in a mixed group. Doesn't matter who, we can prepare this b-day package right to them!


For every Elsa fans, we are ready with this package. Would your kid like to meet with beautiful and favorite Elsa? Come to celebrate a birthday with us and discover Elsa´s world. B-day kid with friends could test themselves about knowledge of the most popular fairytale. Kids could save the kingdom Arendelle and will dance with friends to Frozen hits and other best songs. Have a fairytale birthday. 

The package is for everybody, but the little princess from 3 to 10 y.o. love it the most. 

For more information about birthday packages:

  • phone: 
  • email: 

For 5 children
Extra kid
Mon – Thu3 390 CZK500 CZK
Fri – Sun (national holidays)3 890 CZK550 CZK

Do you want to book program or ask something?


Unique celebration with experienced stuff, you can't find the better one! Make an unforgettable celebration to your kid. (NEW since 1 March 2019)
Bruno family park is in danger and only the bravest one could save it! Adrenaline, logical mind, solving crosswords and hidden boxes to find also a lot of movement and exercises! That´s our superstitious flight - save the Bruno! Could the B-day kid with friends find and solve every code in a time limit? Could they save the center? Let your kids have the birthday celebration by body and soul.

Everybody could try it, but it is necessary to think, solve the crosswords and can read and write. So make your winning team from boys and girls over 8 y.o. Suitable for small groups (maximum 12 children).

  • All as “First flight” and moreover:
  • 2 hours of special program with our experienced stuff (like an"escape game")
  • 30 minutes of disco as a top of the program
  • ​presents for birthday man (T-shirt)
  • unlimited tickets for cars/boats during the B-day celebration day for every child

  • presents for guests – plastic bracelets and balloons  
  • BRuNO Marlenka cake included
  • 1 kid´s sect, 1 pizza of your choice and 5 free coffees for parents
  • photographing of all B-day celebration
  • B-day room for 120 extra minutes – in total 4 hours

Number of children = number of adults. Another adult is 50 CZK/person.

For 5 childrenExtra kid
Mon – Thu4 490 CZK500 CZK
Fri – Sun (national holidays)4 990 CZK550 CZK

Do you want to book program or ask something?

Birthday cake

Additional services

Download our offer of catering: BIRTHDAY GASTRO OFFER
If you order refreshments over 300 CZK, we will extend your rental lounge for 1 hour for free.
Unlimited tickets for boats and cars1 500 CZK/10 kids
BRuNO Marlenka cake
850 CZK
Serving your own cake100 CZK
Taking photo of B-day party1 000 CZK
Car/boat ticket25 CZK
Experienced stuff1 000 CZK / hour
Face painting1 000 CZK / hour
60 extra minutes in birthday room1 000 CZK / hour
Food and beverage from brasserie Zobka menuaccording the menu

Order the celebration

Please note that you will be charged 54 CZK for each reported, but NOT coming child (due to prepared refreshment for a pre-reported number of kids). The number of children can be specified at least 1 working day in advance until 4 pm.

Birthday celebrations can be ordered at least 3 working days before the event until 4 pm.

You can order celebreation or ask questions:

Personal meetings are possible only by prior arrangement.

Cancellation Policy:
When canceling the celebration:
·        7 days or more before the day of the celebration - 30% of the total order
·        4 to 6 days before the day of the celebration - 50% of the total order price
·        1 to 3 days before the day of the celebration - 70% of the total order price
·        on the day of the celebration - 100% of the total order price.
When moving a celebration due to illness:
•       The celebration can be moved at least 24 hours in advance. In this case, no cancellation fee will be charged.
•       If the celebration is cancelled on CELEBRATION DAY (less than 24 hours in advance), might be required a full refund of the pre-prepared refreshment.
In the both case, please contact us immediately at:
•       (coordinator Mon-Fri - 9:00 - 16:00)
•       or (reception, Tue-Sun - 9:00 - 20:00)

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Do the adults pay entrance?

To the birthday celebration, it is possible to invite as many adults as the children are (1 child = 1 adult). Over this number, it is possible to pay 50CZK per extra adult.

Is it necessary to say the exact number of children before the celebration?

As a request, the number of children is as a rough guess.  The correct number is necessary to say one week before the celebration. In the case of illness, there is a possibility to change the number of children between 1 to 3 kids, on the celebration day in our reception. 

When it is possible to make/ change the catering order?

Catering is possible to order minimally 3 days before the celebration. Less than three days the order or change may not be accepted.

Is it possible to order catering during the celebration?

Little snacks and drinks are possible to order during the celebration. In case of a bigger order depends on kitchen orders occupancy. Mainly during the weekends, it takes a longer time to prepare food. So we recommend ordering your food longer time before your celebration.

Can we bring our own food and drinks?

We would like to apologize, but it is not possible to bring your own catering. Only the birthday cake is allowed.

Should we pay any deposit?

No, it is not necessary to pay any deposit. You will pay all your expands after the celebration at our reception.

How the celebrating works?

Every single birthday party is kind of unique. But the main concept is the same. At the ordered time, our experienced staff wait for you at our reception and bring you to your party room. When are you ready, our stork Bruno and staff come with birthday wishes and cake with candles. Then you have time to eat cake. After that its time for the program according to your ordered package. (First flight - free fun in the center, The great flight - 30 minutes disco, The best flight - 1.5-hour programme, Superstitious flight - 2.5- hours programme)

Does your experienced staff take care of children all the time?

It depends on the birthday package. Our staff is ready to help all the celebration time, but they play with the kids according to the birthday package order (The great flight - 30 minutes disco, The best flight – 1 hour programme in the center + 30 minutes disco, Superstitious flight - 2 - hours programme in the center+ 30 minutes disco)

Is it necessary to leave the family park after the celebration?

After the celebration, please leave our party room. But stay with us somewhere else, you can have fun in our center to the end of the opening hour.

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